About Us

We cringe when someone calls it Hotlanta.

Atlanta is not only the city we call home but one of the most underrated cities in the country. The weather’s great; the food is amazing; the women are beautiful and ambitious; and the creative, competitive culture is unequaled.

And yet, growing up in Atlanta, you could never assume your friends cheered for the hometown teams because so many people visit *and end up falling in love with Atlanta* that they eventually move here, bringing their old sports allegiances with them.  

The city has an undeniable draw to it, a unity forged from diversity, a rebellious streak as wide as I85; and it's embodied in our fans.  But as we've grown restless in our championship drought, something is finally stirring.  There's a new energy building around the future of sports in the center of this rowdy suburban sprawl, now 6 million deep. 

We're here to fan the flames.

We're here to do what all the big money behind the sports teams can't do (because of political correctness and intellectual property and PR headaches).  We're planting our flag in the middle of Atlanta and declaring it ours.  This is Swoop City.  These are our teams, our heroes, and our dreams playing out under the bright lights.  And now we have our own identity—by ATLiens, for ATLiens—not controlled by the sports media or some marketing firm's agenda.  We cheer for Atlanta sports teams because no matter how overlooked or underrated or outmatched we may be, we'll always scrap; we'll always hustle.  It's who we are.

Known for staying fresh, but not afraid of getting dirty. 

I'm Clifton and along with my brother Carter we're the team behind the scenes, cheering hard and working harder toward a day when banners are hung in the rafters and the announcers say, "There's another championship for Atlanta and those die-hard fans down there in Swoop City!" 

Until then, we're going to continue arguing about that no-call on pass interference against San-Francisco, and swearing at the TV every time we see that coach who shall not be named over at Louisville; and we're going to keep designing gear that represents the epicenter of the Dirty South, without selling our peach-loving souls, or compromising the fearless, fun-loving heart of Atlanta, Georgia.